How to Stay Positive and Motivated During Your Exams

Exam season is quickly approaching, which for many students means a growing
revision schedule and a bundle of nerves. Here at Tutor Doctor we know
how stressful busy revision timetables and a long list of exams can be.
That’s why we’ve come up with some ways to help you stay positive
and motivated during exam season as well as minimise your nerves and increase
your confidence levels! If one things for sure it’s that a positive
mindset is the easiest way to increase your chances of success.

Make your revision timetable clear to friends and family

There really isn’t anything worse than being in the middle of a
revision session and getting interrupted by parents or asked to go out
and do something fun with your friends. Making your family and friends
aware of your revision schedule will help you avoid these interruptions
and allow you to stay on track. It’s much easier to keep a positive
mindset when you and everyone around you knows that you’re on top
of your workload, focused and in control!

Know you’re not alone

Whenever you feel nervous or stressed about your next exam or annoyed
that you have to spend so much time revising, remember you’re not
alone! Everyone else is in the same boat as you and revision is only temporary.
Before you know it your exams will be over, so it’s crucial that
you put in as much effort as possible into the short time you do have
to study and prepare.

Ask for help if you need it!

One of the main reasons for revision is to refresh your memory and fill
in the gaps in your knowledge. If you ever feel like you need more information
or you’re not as confident in a subject area as you would like,
never be embarrassed to ask for help. Acknowledging that you have a support
system and using it to your advantage is a smart move and will help you
gain a better understanding and boost your confidence levels.

Remind yourself of the things you’re good at

Revision can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re working
on a subject that you particularly struggle with. If you’re finding
something tricky and are feeling de-motivated or frustrated, remind yourself
of all the subjects you thrive at. It’s completely normal to not
be great at everything, so by focusing on what you’re good at will
make you feel much more positive.

Enjoy revision

Even though this may seem a little silly, especially when your revising
Shakespeare notes, trying to enjoy your revision and having a ‘Can
do’ attitude will make it not seem so bad. By adopting a positive
mindset, you will not only feel encouraged but it will help you to achieve
the results you deserve.

Stress can be good

A little bit of stress can be surprisingly beneficial during exams. In
fact, a healthy amount of pressure can be extremely motivational, meaning
that you’re much more likely to push through and perform to the
best of your ability.