How to Teach Your Child to Have a Positive Attitude

It’s a given that we want our children to have a positive attitude,
but teaching them how to adopt this way of thinking might not be so easy.
Here at Tutor Doctor we know that if children develop a positive attitude
early on, positive thinking will become a habit that will help them thrive
and succeed in all aspects of their life. Here’s some easy ways
you can reinforce positivity at home!

Positive Statements

Teaching your child to change their monologue will instantly help create
a positive mindset and attitude. Instead of saying statements such as
“I’m rubbish at English, I’m going to fail my test”
encourage them to try a more positive approach. “I find English
really difficult, but I’m going to keep trying my best and ask for
help if I need it.” Soon this way of speaking and thinking will
become second nature and negativity will become a thing of the past!

Being Positive is a choice

Remind your children that being positive or negative about something is
always a choice. It’s important to try and encourage them to always
focus on the best possible outcome rather than the worse. Ultimately,
choosing to have a positive attitude will be more beneficial and help
them get through any difficult or testing situations.

Positive Environments

It’s important to try and create a positive and happy environment
at home. Even if this is by watching funny movies, telling fun stories
and jokes, being silly as a family or dancing in the kitchen; encouraging
your children to be happy is vital in helping them adopt a positive attitude.
Simply smiling and laughing can instantly shift brain activity and make
everyone in the family feel good. Positivity for everyone!

Love and Praise

Providing your children with lots of love and praise is a really easy
way to help encourage positivity. Kind words, hugs, kisses, high fives
and special treat days out every now and again is sure to help everyone
feel upbeat and optimistic.


Encouraging your children to develop and pursue hobbies that they are
good at is a great way to increase their confidence levels. Whether it’s
tennis, dancing, art and crafts, reading or acting- taking part in activities
that they are passionate about and enjoy will reinforce positivity.

Good Communication

Communicating is the key to positivity. Make sure you give your child
the opportunity to discuss their concerns over with you. By talking through
anything they may be feeling negative about or any problems they may be
facing is an effective way for them to put their worries out there in
the open. It also gives you a chance to help them look at the situation
in a more positive light.