Study Tips: 5 Ways to Avoid Homework Procrastination

Sometimes homework can be overwhelming, especially if you have a few assignments
to complete in the same week. This can mean that you find yourself doing
anything but your homework, whether that’s cleaning your room, texting
your friends or watching the TV. This is otherwise known as procrastination,
which is the art of putting things off and finding other tasks to do to
instead. Even though your work might be daunting, delaying it will only
cause more stress. That’s why here at Tutor Doctor we’ve come
up with 5 ways to avoid homework procrastination and face it head-on.

Minimise Distractions

A really great way to avoid homework procrastination is to remove all
distractions when it’s time to study. This includes mobile phones,
laptops and making sure that the TV is turned off. Another great idea
is to tell your friends and family that you are going to be studying for
a few hours so that they don’t disturb you when you’re trying
to concentrate. The fewer things you’re distracted by, the more
homework you can complete!

Create a realistic schedule

It’s important to have a homework schedule, as this will really
help you avoid procrastination. However it’s vital that you are
realistic. For example, don’t schedule yourself to study for 5 hours
a day because it is likely that you will dread it and do anything to avoid
it. Instead set aside an hour or two a day for homework, projects and
essays, giving yourself one day off a week. Also remember to give yourself
enough time for each task so that you don’t feel rushed. So if you
have a long essay to complete give yourself two study sessions to write
it, rather than one.

Focus on one task at a time

If you have a couple of homework tasks to do at the same time it can definitely
be overwhelming. Swapping between three assignments in one study session
means it’s likely that you will become stressed, meaning you will
look for distractions so you don’t have to face it. Instead break
down your homework by only focusing on one task at a time. Completing
one task a day will not only make you feel like you have achieved something
but will also put you in a more positive frame of mind about your studies.

Start with the most difficult task

If there is a particular piece of homework that is really intimidating
or particularly tricky it’s easy to keep putting it off until the
last minute. Instead try and start with the most difficult assignment
first. This way you will know that the hard work is over and the rest
will be more enjoyable, which will keep you motivated to keep on studying.

Treat yourself

After you have successfully completed a busy week of homework or a difficult
assignment it’s important that you treat yourself. You are much
more likely to start studying and finish your homework if you know that
you have a reward to look forward to. Great ideas include a fun day out
with your friends or a relaxed movie night at home with your family.