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Fun Literacy Games To Engage Your Child This Summer

The summer holidays are finally here and even though it’s a nice break from the regular school routine, it doesn’t mean learning should stop altogether. With summer learning loss being as high as kids losing up to two months of reading skills, it’s never been so important to engage your child in some learning over the holidays. Remember, learning can be exciting, so here are some literacy games that will provide hours of fun too.

Play Literacy-Based Board Games

Playing literacy-based board games helps children develop all the key skills that fall within the literacy bracket. It’s also the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon during the long break. Not only do kids have to read instructions and game cards, but they will also need to speak clearly, describe objects without using keywords, and listen to information that other players are giving them. Games such as Scrabble and Boggle involve children writing down notes and information, and using random letters to create words, which can help them expand their vocabulary and flex their spelling skills. Here are 7 must-have literacy-boosting board games to choose from.

Reading Bingo

Summer reading bingo is a wonderful activity for children to take part in over the holidays. Not only does it encourage kids to engage with reading but also challenges them to try out different book categories and reading-related activities on a bingo board. With the aim to shout ‘Bingo!’ by the end of the summer holidays, they’ll be busy reading and building skills too! Here are some reading bingo ideas, or alternatively, you can both get creative and make your own board.​

The Alphabet Game

Keep things interesting on long car journeys by playing the alphabet game with your kids and be sure to involve all the passengers too to make it more exciting. Start by choosing a category like animals and get the first person to name an animal that begins with the letter A. The game continues through the alphabet until you get to the letter Z or until everyone is stuck. You can try a whole host of different categories like clothes, food, and names. It’s a simple but fun game and a great little literacy booster you can play on the go.

Educational Video Games

Utilising technology can be a great way to engage kids in some learning during the summer. With lots of literacy-based apps or games to choose from, there’s plenty that will help build reading and writing skills without kids even realising it. We love Scribblenauts, which is a unique word-based video game where kids are encouraged to use a mix of problem-solving, logic, and language-based skills to complete. Using their imagination, kids can use almost any means to complete these tasks, such as magically spawning a trampoline, ladder, or even plane onto the screen- all they need to do is spell the word correctly. There’s also a whole host of different apps that combine games with reading and writing too, here are some of the best ones to make use of this summer.