Priority Management Hacks To Help University Students Stay Organised

Juggling lectures, a social life, homework and a part-time job can seem like an impossible task for many university students. With never enough time in the day to get everything done, not to mention trying to maintain good grades, everything can feel overwhelming and get disorganised quickly. Being able to successfully manage priorities is the key to having a balanced life and achieving organisation. Here are our top priority management hacks to help university students thrive!

First, Know Your Priorities

For all university students, it’s crucial for you to know what your priorities are. With lots of potential pulls on your time including studying, working, new societies to get involved in, sporting activities and socialising with friends, it’s crucial to get clear on what is most important to you in order. With studies taking priority over other areas of university life, it’s good to be realistic and set yourself some rules. Here are some to consider.

  • Allocate enough time to complete university homework. For example, a 2000-word essay may need a few weeks to complete, so make a note of this.

  • Don’t miss any lectures.

  • Find a job that only has weekend shifts. This leaves you the week for studying and university work specifically.

  • Make time to socialise once a week.


Once you have your priorities in order, as well as sticking to them, it’s also important to reflect on them regularly and adjust accordingly. For example, in the run-up to exams, you may need to drop a shift at work or not socialise as much as you would like to.


Create A Calendar Plan

Once students have created and ordered a list of priorities, it’s a good idea to map out the next few weeks in the calendar. Mark any daily or weekly responsibilities, whether this is lectures or assignments. Once this is done students can then start seeing their free time and adding in priority tasks according to their deadlines. Keeping this schedule handy or somewhere where they’ll see it every day is also a great visual reminder for them to stay organised.


Use A Daily To-Do List

Stay organised every day by using a daily to-do list. Students can simply list the things they would like to achieve each day and highlight one or two tasks that must be completed. It’s a good idea for them to have this list with them at all times and remember if they only get the daily priority tasks done each day, they’ve still done a great job!


Get Rid Of Distractions

Often students find it difficult to stay organised with studying because of all the distractions they’re faced with each day. Whether it’s a TV, phone or laptop, removing them and working in a calm, quiet space such as a library will mean students are much more efficient and focused. Often distractions can get in the way of this, meaning priorities aren’t getting the time they require to be completed on time or get the level of attention required to produce great work.


Other Priority Management Hacks For Staying Organised At University

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique when working

  • Organise lecture notes neatly

  • Understand what type of learner you are

  • Break down bigger tasks

  • Focus on your long-term goals

  • Get help from your lecturers when you need it  

  • Don’t over-commit to shifts at work or social events

Balancing the demands of university life can be challenging, but there’s no need to navigate it all alone. Consider seeking support from tutors for university students who can help you manage your academic priorities. They provide valuable guidance, assist with coursework, and offer study strategies tailored to your needs. With the right tutor, you can enhance your organizational skills and improve your overall university experience. Don’t hesitate to explore the benefits of working with a university tutor from Tutor Doctor to make your academic journey smoother and more successful.