The Key Benefits of Hiring a GCSE Tutor to Support Your Teen

With GCSE exams being a fairly demanding and revision-heavy time, it can be tricky for teens to navigate, especially with 10 or more subjects to try and focus on. A tutor can really help improve grades and exam results but can also give teens the opportunity to learn the skills they need to become confident, independent learners. Here at Tutor Doctor, we want to spread the word about why tutoring can be so beneficial, especially for those needing extra support heading into their GCSE exams.


Improved GCSE Grades

Improving grades is one of the most popular reasons for getting a tutor, especially when it gets closer to exams. You may have started to notice that your child is struggling to keep up with the revision schedule or they may just need some extra support in reaching the certain grades they need to get into college. Whatever the situation, a tutor really can make all the difference when it comes to achieving great grades. A tutor will always work hard to ensure teens have the right resources and enough learning time to go through difficult topics to help them reach their goals and more.


One-to-one Attention

Full classrooms can make it difficult for students to ask detailed questions, get the extra help they might need or just gain further clarification regarding a specific exam question or topic. Tutoring will give your child undivided attention to work through any problems, ask questions and talk over anything they’re not sure about in a focused environment without distractions.


Building Up Executive Skills

Executive skills such as the ability to organise time, prioritise tasks and memorise data aren’t easy to acquire, especially as they aren’t always taught at school. Not only are executive skills essential for GCSE exams, but will help teens thrive as the countdown to individual exams begins. A private tutor will take the time to help your child grasp these vital skills and make them feel as though they are in control of their revision.

Building Confidence Levels

Not feeling ready for their GCSE exams can make some teens lose confidence in their academic abilities, which can in turn affect their performance and motivation levels. A GCSE tutor will work hard across each one-on-one session to help individuals recognise their strengths, build up confidence levels and encourage them to be enthusiastic about their GCSEs. By setting achievable targets and taking small steps in the right direction, teens can enjoy a journey of success and progress.

Working Smarter

Every child has a preferred learning style which might not be specifically catered to at school. Whether they prefer working out loud or writing down their thought process, a private tutor will tailor their GCSE revision sessions around your child’s specific needs in order to help them reach their full potential. It will make your teens essentially learn how to work in smarter ways that suit them best, which will be much more productive and effective for them when it comes to their GCSE exam revision.


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