Leveraging LinkedIn for Career Growth: A Student’s Guide

LinkedIn button on an iPhone

When it comes to social media, you might automatically think of Instagram, Tik Tok, SnapChat, and Twitter. But did you know there is a social network that you can use to create a professional online presence? It’s called LinkedIn and it’s an essential tool you can use to cultivate a professional profile, display your skill set, and connect with potential employers. 

In this article, we’ll explore how students can use LinkedIn to kickstart your career journey. 

Start With a Strong Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your online CV and the first impression you make on potential employers. Start by ensuring your profile is complete and professional:

  • Profile Picture: Choose a clear, friendly, and appropriately professional photo.
  • Headline: Instead of just putting “Student,” use a headline that reflects your career aspirations or current focus, like “Aspiring Mechanical Engineer” or “Business Student Interested in Marketing.”
  • Summary: This is your chance to tell your story. Mention your aspirations, what you’re studying, and why. Highlight any significant school projects or extracurricular activities that align with your career goals.

Document All Relevant Experience

Any experience can be valuable, whether it’s a leadership role in a school club, a part-time job, or volunteer work. Each position can demonstrate key skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and commitment:

  • Work Experience: Include summer jobs, school work experience placements, or placements that relate to your field of interest. Describe your role, responsibilities, and what you learned.
  • Projects: Showcase any school projects or coursework that are relevant to your prospective career. Detail the skills you used and the knowledge you gained.
  • Volunteer Work: Volunteering can show your initiative and dedication. It’s also a chance to display your humanitarian side and community spirit.

Build Your LinkedIn Network

Networking on LinkedIn isn’t just about connecting with others. It’s also about building relationships that can offer advice, mentorship, and opportunities:

  • Connect with Classmates and Teachers: Start building your network with people you know from school or college. They can be a source of support and may later move into roles or industries where they can offer you advice or opportunities.
  • Follow Companies and Join Groups: Follow companies you’re interested in to stay updated on their activities and job openings. Join groups related to your field of study to engage with content and connect with like-minded professionals.

Engage with Content

Interacting with posts and articles on LinkedIn can increase your visibility and show your engagement with your chosen industry:

Share and Comment: Share news, articles, and other content relevant to your field. Add thoughtful comments on posts to start conversations and show your insight.

Publish Posts or Articles: If you feel confident, writing your own articles on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to show your knowledge and gain visibility.

Utilise LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn offers a vast array of courses through LinkedIn Learning. These courses can help you gain skills that might not be covered in your academic courses but are valuable to your intended industry.

Make Regular Updates

As you progress in your education and gain more experience, keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Regular updates keep your network informed of your developments and show that you are active and engaged.

Launching Your Professional Future with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for students to begin laying the groundwork for their professional future. By starting early, you can gradually build a compelling profile that will attract potential employers and help you expand your professional network. It’s a platform not just for job searching but for showcasing your achievements, sharing your aspirations, and connecting with a community that can propel your career forward.

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