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For many adults, life simply gets in the way of finishing or continuing education. Jobs, family obligations, and more have a tendency to put courses and academic pursuits on the backburner. At Tutor Doctor, we strive to make our services available to students of all ages. This means that instead of adding one more errand to your list, we come to you! Thoroughly screened and highly trained tutors visit your home on your schedule to provide exceptional tutoring services. Due to our convenient approach, we have been able to help over 200,000 students in over 15 countries around the world. This has been accomplished by 15 years of upholding quality services. In fact, 95% of our students would recommend us to others as a result of our dedication and commitment to excellence in tutoring.

Experience the Tutor Doctor difference:

  • We come to your home on your schedule.
  • We offer tutoring services in all subjects.
  • We customise a learning program to your needs.
  • We provide a strong support system.
  • We provide you with foundational tools for future academic success.

Tutor Doctor’s comprehensive approach to learning has helped thousands of students meet with success in their endeavours. When you first contact Tutor Doctor, we schedule an assessment. This assessment enables us to place you with a tutor that matches your learning style, subject matter, personality and more. Then, we create a learning plan that is customised to your learning style. We move at your pace through the content you’re learning, filling in gaps in your knowledge and briefly touching on subject matter you have a good grasp of already. Throughout your programme, the tutors we connect you with will help you develop study and organisational skills that will assist you in future endeavours.

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