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Many year 10 and 11 students struggle in preparing for their GCSE exams or in improving their grades. As subject matter becomes more and more complex, it can be difficult for your student to keep up. But we know there is more that can affect students than learning styles and curriculum. At this time in their lives, students will experience triumphs and challenges – whether that’s discovering who they are, making new friends, or experiencing their first heartbreak. We are here to guide your student through this exciting and sometimes challenging time.

At Tutor Doctor, we like to make a difference:

  • We carefully assess your students’ needs.
  • We customise solutions for maximum improvement.
  • We hand-pick a tutor for your student.
  • We track progress every step of the way.
  • We send out session reports to parents.
  • We are available to answer questions and concerns.

Once we find our student’s starting point, we work closely with them to improve their techniques. We can help our students with time management, ensuring that they have enough time to check back over their answers and remove any mistakes they may find. Additionally, we help our students set realistic goals throughout the process, so that they see improvement and can be confident going into the exam.

By coming to students’ own homes, we have found that they are more comfortable with asking questions and with learning new material in a familiar environment. All of the tutors we work with are thoroughly screened and provide the best learning experience possible for the student. In addition, the one-to-one attention allows students to move at their pace throughout the material and focus on areas they have a difficult time grasping. Our programmes have helped over 200,000 students of all ages and levels throughout the 15 years we have been in business.

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  • Tutor Doctor S is now reading brilliantly, thank you!
  • Tutor Doctor I cannot thank you enough for helping me prepare such a strong paper for my 2nd year Fashion and Design retake. Amazing from 32 out of 100 to 100 out of 100.
  • Tutor Doctor We were impressed by the visit/ interview by Rob which we all found very useful.
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