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The early years in a student’s career are crucial. The foundation of knowledge they build during primary school will allow them to attain educational success for years to come. At the same time, gaps in this foundation can lead to struggles in comprehension later on, leading to a loss of confidence that creates a downward cycle.

In order to ensure that these building blocks of knowledge are properly constructed, consider hiring a home tutor for your son or daughter. Tutor Doctor has been working with primary school students since 2000, helping over 200,000 worldwide attain educational excellence and exceed local and national standards. We are recommended by over 95% of our past clients—their satisfaction comes from our dedication to each student’s confidence, competence, and learning ability.

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Helping Students Meet the Standard

Many children suffer from developmental issues, both minor and severe, that keep them from academic achievement. The private tutors we connect you with have experience helping students with developmental obstacles, as well as those suffering a setback due to a long-term illness. Our approach allows learning to become more efficient without simply adding to your child’s workload.

As a result, we can help our pupils learn faster and more effectively within the same amount of time. This type of improvement is revolutionary, allowing them to grow at a faster pace and meet academic standards every year.

Ensuring Excellence Is Long-Term

Some pupils are naturally gifted from an early age. However, a primary school tutor can benefit them as well! Tuition keeps brains active through school holidays. Tutoring sessions through the summer or winter holidays—just a few hours a week—can keep a student sharpened and prepared for the next term.

Call Tutor Doctor for a free in-home consultation. We identify your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style to create a customised tutor programme. Contact us online or at 0800 011 9729.

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  • Tutor Doctor For the first time in years he is actually reading books without pictures and his reading aloud is speeding up as he grows more confident.
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