Summer Learning Programmes

Take Advantage to Get Ahead of Your Courses

While the summer holidays offer students a respite from the constant rigors of school, it can quickly turn into a time where they forget all they learned during their term. “Summer learning loss” is a phenomenon where children lose 20-30% of what they gain in the school year. All it takes is a little mental engagement to combat this event. At Tutor Doctor, we offer engaging, challenging programmes to keep children occupied during their summer holidays.

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Stay Ahead With the our Summer Reading Challenge!

Tutor Doctor is running a Summer Reading Challenge for children to stay engaged throughout the summer holidays. We've compiled a list of popular and classic novels, arranged by difficulty and age. The goal is for each student to read as many books as possible over the summer months!

You could be in with the chance of winning a fantastic prize at the end of the summer. Ask your local Tutor Doctor how you can participate in the challenge!

Join the Challenge

Our Approach to Learning

No two students are the same, so why should they be expected to learn in the same manner? At Tutor Doctor, we combat standardised teaching methods by offering one to one, personalised tutoring. We have a comprehensive system that ensures your pupil is well engaged. Learn more about our summer learning programmes.

What our process consists of:

  • Assessment – We first examine each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

  • Match – Based on your child’s assessment, we pair them with a tutor that match their needs.

  • Tutor – Our tutors come to your home and customise lesson plans to address their goals.

  • Support – You are given progress reports, so that you can help support your pupil.

Whether you want your child to review the material they learned during the regular term or you want them to get ahead of their studies, we can help! Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 individuals in 15 different countries. We have over 17,000 tutors helping empower pupils of all ages take control of their education. Additionally, we work with your schedule and in the comfort of your home.

For comprehensive lesson plans tailored for your child, call 0800 011 9729! Our tutors can help make this summer both fun and educational.