How to Write a Creative Holiday Tale

Father and daughter reading a magical holiday tale

As the festive season draws near, there’s a certain magic in the air that sets young imaginations alight. Frosty mornings, twinkling lights, and the hope of snow create the perfect backdrop for a creative holiday tale. And what better way to celebrate the season than by encouraging your young writer to embark on a creative writing adventure over the school holidays? 

Unlocking Creativity Through Storytelling

Everybody loves a good story. Whether it’s a tale from a favourite children’s book or a funny anecdote shared around a campfire, good stories stay with us forever. Storytelling is a magical art form that allows children to explore their creativity and improve their language skills. Whether they are making up whimsical characters, devising amazing plots, or setting the scene with words, storytelling is a great way for children to unleash their imaginations. 

Cultivating Creative Language

Christmas comes once a year and it brings so much joy, special memories, and opportunities to use creative language. From “snowflakes glistening like tiny diamonds” to “crimson ribbons dancing on the breeze”, creative language adds beauty and depth to festive stories. 

Crafting a Festive Story: Step by Step

Inspiration from Tradition: Begin by exploring holiday traditions. From the lighting of Advent candles to the anticipation of Santa’s arrival, these rituals can serve as a rich source of inspiration for young writers.

Character Creation: Encourage children to invent characters who embody the holiday spirit. These characters can be based on mythical figures like Father Christmas or completely original creations. What magical qualities or endearing quirks do these characters possess? What are they wearing? What do they sound like? 

Setting the Scene: Paint a vivid picture of the holiday setting. Is the story set in a snowy village, a bustling city, or a cosy cottage by the fire? Encourage children to describe the sights, sounds, and scents that surround their characters.

Weaving the Plot: Every great story has a compelling plot. Ask children to think about the challenges or adventures their characters might face during the holiday season. Will they embark on a quest to save Christmas, unravel a festive mystery, or spread joy to others?

Emotions and Messages: Encourage young writers to explore the emotions of their characters and the lessons they might learn during the holiday journey. Is it a story of love, friendship, generosity, or the magic of believing?

Make Wonderful Mementos

Your child could write their wonderful story in a textbook or a simple piece of paper, or they might like to turn their story or poem into something more memorable. How about writing stories inside personalised Christmas cards for grandparents, or on the pages of a festive scrapbook adorned with cuttings from cards and magazines? Alternatively, create decorative story scrolls sprinkled with glitter and hang them around the home. 

Tech-savvy writers might like to create a digital holiday blog or journal or even use their coding skills to create a festive game. There are so many possibilities for recording special holiday stories so that they can be enjoyed year after year. 

Tutor Doctor believes that the holiday season is the perfect time for children to explore their creativity and build essential writing skills. With our guidance, their festive stories can become cherished memories, bringing joy and inspiration to every celebration.

Tutor Doctor: Capturing the Magic of the Season and Beyond

At Tutor Doctor, we understand the power of storytelling as a tool for learning and self-expression. Our experienced tutors guide young writers on their literary adventures, helping them build essential language skills while fostering a passion for creative writing.

This holiday season, as children craft their festive tales, remember that every word they write is a step toward unlocking their potential. Whether they dream of becoming the next J.K. Rowling or simply wish to share their stories with loved ones at home, the gift of storytelling is one that will enrich their lives for years to come.

With Tutor Doctor’s support, their tales can shine as brightly as the star atop the Christmas tree, illuminating a world of possibilities. We’d love to help you explore your child’s full potential. Find a local tutor today