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Top 5 podcast for lifelong learning

By now, it’s clear that many students are not going back to classes until the next school year in September. Without the structure of a school day, you might be interested in taking this opportunity to explore other forms of education.

Podcasts, especially for those of use who are auditory, are a great medium to keep us learning and growing. Here are five of our recommended favourites.


Freakanomics image , a slice of orange fruit

This is a fascinating podcast which dives into economic and societal issues from a hidden angle, often through human stories. According to the producer, it “tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do)”.

Education doesn’t just stop when you finish school or university, and we have found this podcast a great resource to learn about the world around us. We particularly enjoyed the live episode, recorded in London, titled “Can Britain Get Its ‘Great’ Back?”

TED Education

TED Talk Education - Speaker with Audience

You might have heard about TED Talks – who doesn’t like concise, punchy insights about just about any subject, condensed into 15 mins by a Speaker? Turns out, they also have a Podcast channel which groups Education Related talks in a single place.

There are some well-known ones on here, like the talk from Angela Lee Duckworth about Grit and Perseverance. Also, if you are a student struggling with subjects like Maths or Organic Chemistry, listening to world class experts on here talking with passion on the topic might just help inject more interest into your studies.

Headspace Radio

Radio Headspace Logo - Smiley Face

More and more people are discovering the benefits of practising mindfulness for our mental health, focus and energy. That is partly down to Bristol-raised Andy Puddiccombe, who became a Buddhist monk while travelling in Asia, ran a meditation practice and founded the meditation app Headspace.

To help people through the struggle of the Covid-19 lockdown, he has started a podcast. Join him every weekday morning as his dulcet tones hypnotize you to be present, to be Zen, and to find harmony in the day to day.

Have You Heard George’s Podcast?


A hugely acclaimed podcast from George Mpanga (or “George the Poet”), which won every award going in 2019. Through rap-inspired spoken poetry, George explores topics as diverse as Politics, Love, Music, and Education in Modern Britain.

This is essential listening to understand the experience of being a black person in a western society. The episodes are innovative and beautifully produced to convey the frustration, hopes, and ambitions of the BAME characters in the podcast. Note that there is strong language in some episodes.

Reply All


On the surface, Reply All is a show about the Internet and Technology. Each week, the hosts on the show conduct an in-depth investigation into various aspects of our digital lives, from memes and tweets to other cultural oddities.

But listen more closely, and the episodes are really about people and how we are living and interacting with each other in the online world today. If you’ve ever wondered whether Facebook is spying on you, or what a scam call operation looks like, this is the show for you.