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A Tutor’s Story – From Tutor Doctor Student to Tutor

Following the results of my year 11 GCSE mocks I knew I needed some help. My grades were not where I had hoped they would be, and the pressure was starting to amass on my 16-year-old shoulders. I needed at least 7 As to get into my dream sixth form, something which at the time seemed impossible. After some searching, my slightly panicked, although not showing it, parents found our answer – Tutor Doctor. For the two months leading up to my GCSEs I had intense one hour sessions for three subjects, the workload was piling, and the exams looming.

My tutors were inspirational – they were all medical students at Imperial University, something which I knew was extremely impressive. Their capabilities and teaching filled me with a sense of aspiration and desire to achieve. Through their dedication and compassion during those gruelling months I was able to achieve my results. On results day, my hard work was rewarded with 7A*s and 4As in my exams.

Flash-forward a few years down the line, I am happily situated at University of Bristol, studying a degree I never thought I would and having the time of my life. I did not realise however, that having the time of my life would be as costly as it was. Soon after the Christmas holidays I was in search of a financial boost – I needed a job. It was at this time I remembered my year 11 tutors, the lovely and dedicated university students who had helped me in achieving my goals. I decided tutoring would be the job I wanted. The fulfilment it brings, seeing your tutee grow and develop an understanding of things they never thought they would and the satisfaction of seeing them thrive in subjects they swore they detested were feelings I wanted to have.

After a quick google search, I saw that Tutor Doctor operated in Bristol – just my luck! I could finally give back to the company who had given so much to me. Through Tutor Doctor I have been able to help people in the ways I had hoped, allowing me to be just like the tutors who inspired me. I would like to think I’ve made a difference in my tutees’ lives. In every session I attempt to emulate the compassion and understanding that my tutors gave to me, and maybe one day one of them will decide to do the same as me and join the Tutor Doctor team.


By Emmy, one of our Tutors at Tutor Doctor Bristol West