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  • “I am delighted to say that my daughter has passed her maths GCSE. We are so grateful to Alison for helping her!”

  • “We are thrilled with the progress and Martha is really happy with both tutors. We appreciate your help so much. I will look to renew both when the hours are booked.”

  • “Wish to say a big thank you for sending us Lara. I never thought I will ever see Boyd excited about maths. Lara has converted Boyd to look forward to maths lessons. Boyd said Lara is so brilliant at explaining things to him so much so that his understanding of the subject is so improved now. So a big thumbs up to Lara and thank you for sending her our way.”

  • “Just to say how impressed and happy we are with Maria and with the entire Tutor DR experience! I love the reports and the fact that Maria is so conscientious. Zara really *enjoys* her time with her most importantly.”