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About Our In-Home Tutoring In Harlow

Tutor Doctor Makes Tutoring Personal

Tutor Doctor was founded in 2000 with the simple yet crucial concept that all students across the world should have a chance at achieving an amazing education. We saw that public-school systems often failed to enlighten and encourage their students, usually due to an inadequate student-to-teacher ratio. Teachers can only devote so much time to an individual student when there are 20, 30, or 40 more in the room that need help, too.

Today, we are proud to say that our dream of uplifting students of all ages is a thriving reality. By connecting and working with more than 17,000 expert tutors around the globe, we have successfully helped more than 200,000 students achieve academic greatness in more than 15 countries. The best part is we are only beginning. Tutor Doctor is growing, and we look forward to being able to help so many other students as the years go on.

At Tutor Doctor Harlow, we proudly carry on the Tutor Doctor traditions and principles. We are here to help connect your student with local, expert tutors that really know their subjects and really love to share their love of education with others. Working closely with your student, they learn their academic strengths, weaknesses, and interests to perfect a personalised tutoring plan that works best for them.

What Makes Us Different Makes Us Shine

Our team at Tutor Doctor Harlow is here to show your young student that education can be fun. If your student is entering university, then we can get them the supporting tutoring they need to stay on track and reach their career goals. By connecting your student with a Harlow tutor who genuinely understands them and their educational dreams, your student will start to look forward to their customised tutoring sessions!

What do people love the most about Tutor Doctor?

  • Fully personalised lesson plans
  • Weekly progress reports that celebrate wins
  • In-home tutoring maximizes student comfort
  • Future-oriented tutoring builds life skills

Contact us online or call 01279 351461 today to learn more about our private tuition in Harlow during a complimentary consultation.