About Tutor Doctor Leicester North

Meet the Owner- Anita Pancholi

It was 1970 when Anita’s family arrived in the UK with very little. Political unrest forced her family, like many thousands of others, out of Africa. They made their new home in Leicester and Anita’s parents placed a great deal of importance on education and integration into a new way of life.

Like many refugees, Anita’s family believed that hard work, determination and a good education is a way to brighter future – a core value that Anita is still passionate about to this day.

Having studied for a degree in Economics and after experience of working in industry, Anita decided to re-train as a teacher and completed her PGCE at Leicester University. 12 years later, she decided to use her experience as a classroom practitioner and leader in Education to start her own private tutoring business.

Schools are under ever increasing pressure to increase class sizes meaning that children don’t always get tailored education to support them. Whilst thinking about business opportunities, she was attracted to Tutor Doctor because of their company values and ethos which is ‘everybody can learn’. One-to-one tutoring is a fantastic way of supporting a child’s supplementary education, in the comfort of their own home and without the pressure of a classroom setting.

As an active member of Leicester’s thriving community, Anita is proud to own a business that seeks to provide quality one-to-one tutoring to families as well as helping her deliver a first class service.

Helping Students Succeed Around the Globe

At Tutor Doctor Leicester North, we’re dedicated to helping your child succeed—both in the classroom and out. Falling behind in school can not only hurt a child’s marks, it can also negatively affect his or her confidence. Standardised curriculums fail to take into account the unique learning styles of each individual pupil. This can cause your child to quickly fall behind and remain unable to catch up. Tutor Doctor Leicester North is here to help! We make it our mission to give your child the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed.

We provide Leicester North tutoring sessions in your home for your convenience. Your child will be able to learn in an environment they’re comfortable in with a tutor that’s focused solely on them. Plus, we work to develop custom lesson plans that meet the exact needs of each and every student.

What Makes Us Different?

At Tutor Doctor Leicester North, we strive to help students truly understand the fundamentals that they need to know. Where other tutoring programmes rely on memorization, we focus on building a solid foundation and developing effective study habits that your child can implement in the future. We’re more than just tutors—we’re your child’s partners in success!

Interested in learning more about our Leicester North tutoring programme? Call us at 0116 4649464 today!