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  • Mia is getting on telly well with Ushma who is doing a fantastic job in keeping her focused as well as making the sessions fun. Mia continues to benefit and most importantly looks forward to the sessions.

  • Zayd is progressing really well and Emma provides him with clarity, depth and great opportunities for discussion. We are really pleased with his progress and motivation.

  • Patrycja is very pleased with her maths sessions. She is showing clear progression and found her mock exams easier than last years which show how effective her sessions are.

  • Bradley has gone up 2 grades in his A level Physics which is such good progress since we started your service. I would like to thank his tutor, Charlie, who I feel has been instrumental in securing his pass mark and many thanks to Anita for find a great tutor!

    Happy Customer
  • Hi Anita, James got a big fat B in his A level Maths! Just what he needed and bring him up from an E was great. Thank you!

    Happy Customer
  • Thank you for supplying such great tutors for my son. Could you pass on my thanks Lois for being a fantastic help!

  • It gives us great pleasure to write this reference not only for Susan but for the Tutor Doctor as an organisation and Anita who has lead on this with us. We have found everything to be of the highest order giving us great confidence in what is an important time for our daughter who has made fantastic progress since the tutoring began. She now consistently achieves level 7 results in mathematics ...

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  • I love working for Tutor Doctor! I really look forward to my lessons and really value the consistency of the lessons and the organisation on Big Apple.

  • Rhianna has been very amazing with Kaobi since she started with him early this year. She is very knowledgeable in the key year 6 and 11+ subjects Kaobi requires and her ability to teach and make him understand is fantastic.

    Happy Customer
  • We are very happy with Ushma. She is fantastic with our daughter and she manages to get the best out of her. We and her school have noticed the improvement, and in her last parents evening we were told the gap in her learning was closing. Thanks for all your help!

  • Our son is really enjoying his A level Physics course now that Charlie has helped him better understand the subject. Charlie has been a great support and teacher. Thank you

    Happy Mum
  • Susan our tutor is a star! Our daughter is really benefiting and using what she has learnt in school and thus improving in her Year 11 Maths.

  • The 1-1 tutoring my son is receiving a helping a tremendous amount in preparation for his Year 6 SATs. In a recent mock test he scored 93/100. His tutor has brought him such a long way in a short space of time and this is incredible! She's absolutely amazing!

  • The tutoring service provided by Tutor Doctor has really helped me in improving my English skills. I now feel confident in my grammar, spoken English and writing different genres. Sona has been brilliant and always shows up on time! I feel ready to sit my exams!

    Maryam A.
  • Pheobe is really happy with the tutoring and Vicki is an excellent tutor! She understands the way Vicki tutors her and she not afraid to ask her to repeat it a different way. We've used tutors in the past, however the close match made means that Pheobe doesn't resist when she has her sessions and afterwards she tells me all about what she has learnt! In her words, 'this is so much better!'

    Happy Customer
  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the two excellent tutors you have found to help us. I appreciate its early days, but both tutors seem really nice and approachable, are very punctual and most importantly our daughter is happy working with both. We hope that as time goes on we will see great results and we would like to thank you, and the tutors for coming on this journey with us ...

    Happy Customer
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  • I have always tried my best to present as professionally as possible, whilst keeping the needs of the learner first!

    Leicester North Tutor
  • I am really pleased for my daughter that she is engaging in these sessions and seems to be enjoying them and giving her the confidence to put her hand up in lessons!

  • I am glad that I choose Tutor Doctor for supporting Dilon for his accounting. He feels confident now to carry on own his studies. Also we were very happy the way Donovan taught him, very enthusiastic and positive.

    Divya T.
  • Honestly, bumping into you in the ASDA carpark has been an absolute godsend and Payal (tutor) is just brilliant with my son!!!

    Happy Customer
  • Thank you so much for sending Sana to teach Vidya English, she is so good. Vidya is slowly taking interest to do her home work too, it can be a struggle to get her to sit down at times!

  • Seerut had a fear of Maths and ended up in tears. However, already I can see the difference that 1-1 sessions with her tutor is making. Her fear has gone and she is ready to get out her Maths books and work independently. She likes her tutor and she is now more confident. Her class teacher has also commented on her progress

  • My son really enjoys his tutoring sessions with his tutor. He feels really comfortable with her and she is positive and encouraging. As a result we have decided to increase the number of sessions each week as his tutor is tuned into his needs. Her session notes are also very detailed and we can track his progress too. Many thanks, S

    Happy Customer
  • Both Dhiren and Ben understand properly what my son's needs are and they know how to help him reach his goals. He may not reach the top but he is making good progress. I have given Tutor Doctor 5 stars as Anita's initial consultation was really helpful in matching the right tutors to my son. Thank you.

  • Thank you for assigning me to a lovely child. I had a very good session with the student and I am working to try to fill those learning gaps.

  • My child really looks forward to his tutors turning up!

  • As a tutor, I've found Anita as being very professional and responsive. She is approachable and contactable if there are any questions or issues - which there haven't been. My overall experience with Tutor Doctor has been great. I've had a pleasant time and Anita has been very easy to work with.

    Jay (Tutor)
  • Since joining the team at Tutor Doctor my experiences working with them, have been very positive ones. Anita provides extremely good, comprehensive support when needed. She has guided me through the process of using the website in order for me to submit my weekly reports and appointments. When I have been faced with a problem, Anita has replied to my queries, usually within the hour. Her advice ...

    Gill G.
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  • I am happy with the service received at Tutor Doctor. The tutor match was perfect for my son and Jill is a perfect teacher in English for my son. My son enjoys the sessions which are tailor-made for his needs. He is progressing well in English. Both the teacher and student are putting in focused efforts. I would like to thank Tutor Doctor for arranging this for us.

    Keerthi G.