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Tutor of the month

Our Tutor of the Month for June was Alex!


We’ve been lucky enough to have had Alex work with us for close to 9 months now, during which time he has supported a number of students as they have prepared for their GCSE Maths exams.

He has some excellent traits that his students have come to value as much as us. These include his patience, positive outlook and the effort he makes to engage each student thoughtfully and with empathy. Without exception, each of the families that Alex has been supporting has commented on how much the student enjoys their lessons.

Alex’s calm and measured approach serves to build the confidence of each of his students.

Thanks for all your hard work Alex – we’re very happy to have you with us.

Our tutor of the Month for May was the fabulous Sowmi!

Sowmi has been working with us for 8 months, during which time she has been supporting a student who had fallen behind in her studies due to ill-health.

Her student was being advised by her college to sit out the rest of the year, but was determined to catch up lost ground before the end of this academic year. As a result of Sowmi’s encouragement and considered mentorship Ellie has done exactly this and is thriving at college.

Sowmi has partnered brilliantly with Ellie by working hard to understand her preferences and adapting her approach accordingly. She has been unwavering in her support; teaching over the Christmas period and messaging her on the morning of exams to give her some last minute encouragement. Over the last 8 months she has delivered over 60 hours of tuition with Ellie.

Thanks Sowmi – we’re delighted to have you on board, and extremely grateful for all your efforts.

Our Tutor of the Month for April was Josh!
April Tutor of the Month Josh

Josh has ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ and has previously taught Science at secondary schools in the area. We are delighted to have him tutoring full-time with us in Tutor Doctor.

Since joining us at the end of last year, Josh has become an exceptionally important member of the team. He delivers lessons of consistently high quality, and each of his students have made huge leaps in their confidence and understanding of the curriculum content. Every one of his sessions are tailored to the needs of his students, and I’ve been really impressed by the speed with which he updates his lesson plans as these needs evolve.

This single-minded commitment to his students has meant Josh has quickly gained the trust of everybody he works with. This is a basic fundamental for any effective tutor/tutee relationship.

Josh - we are thrilled to have you supporting our students and representing our brand. Thank you for all that you do.

Our Tutor of the Month for March is Mia!
March Tutor of the Month Mia

Mia has been working with us since the end of last year and has made a real impression on her students and their parents.

She shows up to every lesson with terrific enthusiasm and sets a great example to her pupils in this respect. It’s hard to give anything less than 100% when your tutor is so invested in your success! Mia has an excellent understanding of all areas of the curriculum and carefully plans her sessions to make sure that her students make the required progress in the time she has with them.

After every lesson Mia writes a comprehensive report to keep parents informed of how their student is progressing and any homework that they may have been set. The care and attention that goes in to these reports is a reflection of the desire she has for each of her students to reach their potential.

Well done Mia, and thank you!

Our Tutor of the Month for February is Kerith!
February Tutor of the Month Kerith

Kerith lectures at the University of Winchester as she works towards her PhD. Luckily for us, she is also tutoring one-to-one with three of our Psychology A-Level students delivering high quality support. We are so grateful to have her as part of the team.

Since joining us Kerith has set incredibly high standards for her students. She adopts an ‘active learning’ approach that means they are fully engaged from the first minute of each lesson and challenged to broaden their understanding of the topics. It’s important to Kerith that her students are well prepared for their exams, but also develop a mindset and way of working that will support them throughout their academic career. They definitely get put through their paces!

Above all, Kerith is considerate, effective, and deeply trusted by all of her students. Well done Kerith!

Our Tutor of the Month for January is Carys!

Our Tutor of the Month for January is the fabulous Carys!carys tutor

Carys has been supporting two of our students as they work towards their Maths GCSEs later this year. Both students have been progressing well due to their own excellent efforts, but also the encouraging and nurturing approach of Carys. She shows real empathy for them and works hard to ensure that she works at an appropriate pace – not too fast and not too slow.

Carys writes a detailed report following each of the sessions that is emailed to the parents so they are kept informed of progress. Both students look forward to their weekly lessons and value the hard work and determination of Carys – as do we!

Well done Carys!

Our Tutor of the Month for December is Samina!

Samina December Tutor of the Month

Samina came to us as a relatively inexperienced tutor, but has quickly developed her skills to become a real asset for the business. We are very lucky to have her.

She has a clear talent for identifying where her students need extra support and is single-minded in helping them achieve their potential. Samina has become as much a role model as a tutor for her three students, having quickly formed trusting relationships with each of them. She is just about to pick up her fourth, and we can’t wait to see the impact she has.

Congratulations Samina!

Our Tutor of the Month for November is Owen!

owen, tutor of the month for november

Owen has been supporting three of our students with Maths since the end of the summer, and has done so with commitment, enthusiasm and an abundance of talent. He works really hard to break topics down in to easy-to-understand processes, and makes sure his students have a great grasp of the content before he moves on. Owen has almost completed his Master's degree and next year begins his training to be a secondary school teacher.

As well as his expertise as a tutor, Owen also volunteered with us last weekend as we went to put up the decorations in the amazing Ronald McDonald House in Southampton.

Thanks Owen!

Our tutor of the month for October is the fabulous Kat!

The Fabulous KatKat is working towards her PhD student in Cultural Studies while also teaching under-graduates at the University of Sussex. She has been with Tutor Doctor for several months and has quickly become a much-valued member of the team.

As a published poet and freelance writer, Kat is well placed to support English students and has done so with impressive results. Kat’s thoughtful, encouraging and enthusiastic approach has enabled her to quickly build a rapport with her students. Her positivity shines through in the session reports she sends to the parents of her pupils after every lesson.

It’s been terrific to see her GCSE and A-Level students grow in confidence and understanding of their subjects.

Well done Kat!!

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